What's the deal with microsites?

Microsites are a powerful part of your marketing arsenal, but we frequently get questions about what they are and how they are different from the regular website. Here's a little information on why we think they are so great. A little teaser: They are better for SEO than you might think.


What is a microsite?

A microsite is a web page or series of web pages that stands apart from the regular website and communicates a specific message to a specific audience. It can exist in a separate location from the website or simply follow a different design or format. 


Why use a microsite?


Your company website has to satisfy the needs of many different stakeholders: HR, Sales, Marketing, Investors, etc. Microsites are focused on one specific topic, audience or action. The more focused the message, the more likely you will be to convert.  This opens the door to speak directly to niche portions of your market, or to put a greater emphasis on a product launch.


Microsites are less complex to build and can be changed quickly and often, giving you the chance to try messages, approaches, and respond quickly to changes in the market.

Freedom to tell the story

All the necessary rules and sitemapping of a regular website can restrict your ability to deliver a compelling story. Microsites deliver a blank canvas for telling the best possible story.

Search Engine Optimization

A microsite can be handled as a subdomain with its own design and navigation, giving you the benefits of a microsite with the SEO authority and depth of your main website

In many cases, a more focused message will return more frequently and in higher positions in search engine results than your main site would under the same searches.

Higher Conversion Rates

Microsites typically produce higher conversion rates than a company’s general site. This is one reason why Google and others recommend landing pages be used in keyword campaigns.

Tracking and measurement

Microsites can be the central point for all marketing efforts surrounding a single campaign, allowing you to track and measure the success of the campaign.


When to use a microsite?

  • When focusing on a specific campaign
  • When speaking to a niche audience
  • When launching a new product
  • When in doubt, give us a call and we’ll help you out.